Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Its been a while!


So yeah aint blogged in a while, my bad! Let me catch ya up on my goins on in London town!

After my internship with Patricia I then helped out Tatty Devine at their studio on Brick Lane! It was so much fun, it was great to be back in a working studio! They do everything in their 2 floor studio which amazes me, the design, production, pr and even the packaging and posting of their orders! Its non stop!!
I helped with the production for the huuuge lead up to christmas! It was so busy, I lost count of the number of name necklaces i put together and cleaned!! But i do remember my fave i made up.... 'DAVE?' Heehee! cracks me up every time!
When i returned after new year we got making their new S/S 11 collection which is not on their website NOW, go have a look! Loving the Prisms and the Quartz crystal collections even although they were a bitch to make! Oh and the cute little unicorns, so cute but took a life time to finish!!

Working there did have its perks tho! Not only did i get to choose anything for my xmas present from them and got a sweet as name necklace! I got to make my mates name necklaces.... 'JOCKNEY' and 'CLAM CAPITAL'! I wont go into the stories but if u like them get ordering from Tatty as they save every name they make!! :D