Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bring the NOISE

I thought it was about time I updated my blog as it has almost been a year, I guess nothing that exciting has happened over that time but if you think otherwise, your answers on a postcard please!

So this weekend I am traveling down to london to spend the weekend with Miss Coke! I cannot wait, 12 hours from now I will be in London Town!!

It is going to be a weekend of culture, cuisine and cocktails!! One of our pit stops which I am soooopa excited about is, Bring the Noise which takes place on sunday at Tate Britain! It is a side exhibition in response to the work of Chris Ofili, British artist whos cave like paintings express his nigerian heritage and thoughts and opinions of current day issues in a thought provoking style.

'Bring the noise' aims to bring Ofilis work to life with live music, fashion,live music work shops, all that and a chance to get my nails done!! Its going to be an experience for sure! I'll let y'all know about it and my other LDN adventures when im back!!